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Timelapse Shows Supermoon Rising Behind Bank of America Tower in Charlotte

<a href="" target="_blank">A supermoon</a> was seen rising behind the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday, January 30.This timelapse video was captured by Drew Carlisle. He told Storyful he filmed the event over a period of 16 minutes.<a href="" target="_blank">In a tweet</a>, <span class="caps">NASA</span> said Americans could prepare to watch a rare “lunar trifecta” later on the same night, in the early hours of January 31.A spokesman for the US space agency said an eclipse of the moon would mean it marked a rare occasion when the full moon was simultaneously “a blue moon, a blood moon and a supermoon all at once”. Credit: Drew Carlisle via Storyful

Source: Storyful

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